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  PCD options for different grades, polished or non-polished, whole disc or cut inserts, PCD/carbide thickness. It is used to machine wide range materials such as nonferrous metal, ceramic, rock, carbon fiber plastic, and etc.


Specification of PCD Tooling Blanks/Inserts

Diameter D (mm)


Overall thickness

H (mm)

1.6 / 3.2 / 3.6

Diamond thickness

T (mm)


Note:① Overall thickness tolerance is ±0.05mm;
    ② The tolerance of diamond layer thickness      is -0.10mm, +0.15mm ;
    ③ Non-standard diamond layer thickness       (0.3mm, 0.7mm) could be customized.

Types of PCD Tooling Blanks/Inserts

  According to the needs of practical application, we have three series of products of fine granularity, medium granularity and coarse granularity for you to choose from

PCD series Fine Micron Medium Micron Coarse Micron

Mean particle diameter

2μm 10μm 25μm
Product type MD02 DM10 DM10C DM10CC DM25 MD25C
Product feature

High degree of finish;

High precision machining

General type
High surface finish, wear resistance

and impact resistance
High-wearing resistance
Applications Be used for precision processing of titanium alloy, low silicon aluminum alloy, copper and copper alloy. Be widely used in finishing and rough machining of wear-resisting workpiece, suitable for aluminum alloy (Si% in 9%~14%), nonferrous metal, graphite, inorganic composite material and wood, etc. Be used in processing aluminum alloy (Si%>14%) and hard alloy.


Nondestructive testing of PCD Tooling Blanks/Inserts


The C-scan inspection system is used for nondestructive testing of the inner defects and thickness of the diamond layer, which can intuitively display the distribution of the internal structure of the diamond layer.


Order Code of PCD Tooling Blanks/Inserts

Product type - Diameter - Overall thickness - Diamond thickness
For example: DM10CC-Φ42-H3.2-T0.5

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